How to Stop Chat App Notifications Annoying You

Managing Notifications on Android

WhatsApp on Android

In WhatsApp, tap the three-dot Menu button and choose Settings > Notifications.

Here, you’ll find a variety of options. These are broken into two major headers: Message notifications and Group notifications. The Message settings are for one-on-one conversations, while Group is for group chats.

In each one, you’ll find the following settings:

  • Notification tone: Select a sound to play for incoming messages. You might wish to change this so you can distinguish it from SMS or other notifications. Choose None for silence.
  • Vibrate: Turn vibration off, or change from the Default to Short or Long.
  • Popup notification: Choose whether WhatsApp should display a popup over your current activity when a message arrives. You can set it always off or on, or choose to show it only when the screen is on or off.
  • Light: Pick a color for LED light notifications, if your device has one.
  • Use high priority notifications: Enable this to show previews of messages in your status bar as they arrive, and keep them at the top of your notification tray.

Below these, you can change the Ringtone and Vibrate options for incoming calls, if you use WhatsApp for calling. If you don’t want to hear the in-app sounds like the “pop” when you send a message, uncheck Conversation tones at the top. You can also tap Menu to access Reset notification settings and start fresh.

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These settings apply to all chats by default, but you can override them for a specific thread. Open a conversation and tap Menu > Group info. Tap Custom notifications to customize the same controls above for this particular chat. Use the Mute notifications slider to silence notifications for eight hours, a week, or a year.

Telegram on Android

Do you prefer Telegram to WhatsApp? Expand the left menu and choose Settings > Notifications and Sounds to customize it.

Like WhatsApp, you’ll see these notifications broken into Message notifications for individuals and Group notifications for group chats. Most of these are the same as WhatsApp above. Options unique to Telegram are Message Preview and Importance.

Disable Message Preview, and you won’t see the content of the message on your lock screen. Use the Importance selector to choose from Android’s four levels of priority on Oreo and above, which we’ll discuss below.

Telegram gives you more options than WhatsApp. Scroll down and you can turn off various In-app notifications, change the ringtone for voice calls, and disable the notifications Telegram sends when one of your contacts joins. You’ll find Reset All Notifications at the bottom to start over.

Facebook Messenger on Android

In Facebook Messenger, tap your profile picture in the top-right corner and choose Notifications & Sounds. Here you’ll find a similar set of controls to the above apps. You can disable notification previews, turn off sound, light, or vibration, and change the sound and ringtone.

Unfortunately, Messenger doesn’t let you customize individual chats aside from muting notifications. Tap the Info icon at the top-right of a chat and choose Notifications to do so.

Android’s General Controls for Notifications

Open Settings > Apps & notifications > See all X apps to see all your apps. Tap an app and choose Notifications to tweak how it alerts you. You can do this for all apps, not just messaging ones.

Android 8 Oreo changed the way notifications work. In Oreo and newer, each app can have “channels” for different types of notifications.

For instance, you can block Twitch’s Live Events notifications but keep ones for Media. Tap a notification category, and you can choose a Behavior (level of urgency). You’ll find four settings. The most urgent makes a sound on shows on your screen, while the least urgent stays silent and collapses in your notification tray.

Not all apps support this. If you open an app’s settings that doesn’t utilize notification channels (or you have Android 7 Nougat or earlier), your only option is a simple on/off switch.

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